Family Association for Integration and Improvement of Quality of Life of People with Disabilities

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Developing large and small motor skills, stimulating creativity, promoting a sense of responsibility, organization and teamwork, developing autonomy and increasing the disable people's self-esteem are the main objectives of this workshop.

People with disabilities can create and restore high quality objects. Adapting the activities to their capacities properly they can manufacture a watch, a pencil holder, some decorative items and ornaments, redecorate a plant pot, or even restore any object. These, among many others, are the type of activities which are planned in this workshop:

                                 ✔Creating objects from recycled materials/items
                                 ✔Manufacturing some objects with felt, foam, and other materials

The Craft workshop will help them to recognize their abilities and manual skills, and seeing their work materialized into a useful object will be a very rewarding and motivating experience for them.
Centro de Barrio San Joaquín
Calle Sierra del Aljibe, 1
11407 - Jerez (Cádiz)
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