Family Association for Integration and Improvement of Quality of Life of People with Disabilities

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The practice of physical and sport activities is a basic pillar for the improvement of the quality of life of people with disabilities. Sports on a regular basis and quality, accompanied by the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits involves a number of benefits at different levels.

Physically: it improves their motor skills and physical fitness, and it prevents diseases.
Psycologically: it decreases stress and anxiety levels, and it also increases self-esteem.
Socially: it promotes interpersonal relationships and encourages integration.

From AFAMEDIS we offer an extensive Physical and Sport Activity programme adapted to the characteristics of our users, so we have an agreement with the Jerez City Council by which it makes its facilities avaliable for us.

Swimming: Municipal Indoor Pool "Manuel Mestre"
Cycle-Indoor: Municipal Indoor Swimming Pool "Manuel Mestre"
MultiSport: Civic Center of San Joaquín
Psychomotricity: Civic Center of San Joaquín
Aerobics: Civic Center of San Joaquín
Relaxation: Civic Center of San Joaquín
Sports Games: Municipal Sport Center "Chapín" 
Activities in Natural Environment: these activities have their own section.
Sport activities
Sport Games
Centro de Barrio San Joaquín
Calle Sierra del Aljibe, 1
11407 - Jerez (Cádiz)
Teléfono: 622 553 624